This is the…

Norrom Aquarium Name

A unique Swedish aquarium.

Unrivalled in beauty,

ingenious inside.

Interchangeable lids and bases

Customise your aquarium at any time to suit your mood, a new colour scheme, or even a new home.

Upside-down lighting

Too many aquariums require a power cable to hang from the lid. Because this common flaw has never been fixed, we decided to turn the design of aquarium lighting on its head.
The result is an innovative lighting system powered from the base of the aquarium and combining a light diffusing bubble tube with hidden mirroring to produce a unique lighting effect. And…no cable hanging from the lid.

An exciting, happy home

As a 40 litre freshwater aquarium that has been designed to maximise fish welfare and longevity, the Norrom Aquarium makes a happy home for an exciting range of fish, invertebrates and other living creatures.
What can live in the aquarium?
design hours
testing days
prototype revisions

Hybrid manufacturing

Each Norrom Aquarium starts life during a brand new fabrication process, developed in the UK, to create ultra-strong crystal clear acrylic glass. It is then precision machined, allowing us to create a perfect, precise profile.
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Each lid and base is created with a unique woodwork construction carefully undertaken by hand, giving a charming wood finish that no other aquarium comes close to.

Understated design innovation

Not just an advanced filter system built upon tried and tested industry standards, but an extensive use of generic components, making this aquarium both reliable and cheap to maintain. All this in an iconically simple design.
Tank Wide Acrylic
The iconic Swedish design features only 90° angles constructed around a simple cylinder, which maximises the surface area to volume ratio. No clutter to interfere with the view.
Even the surface of the water is hidden in the lid. So you never see waterline residue or condensation.
Bottom Area
A clever filter system, integrating chemical, biological and mechanical filtration, is hidden below the rocks in a sunken compartment. There is even room for the air pump in the base.
This means less clutter and less noise, so you can enjoy the fish, while the aquarium keeps itself to itself.

Big impression, small footprint

We weren’t going to let the pursuit of perfection get the better of the environment. That is why we have done everything possible to minimise the Norrom Aquarium’s footprint.


Customise the Norrom Aquarium with a range of interchangeable lids and bases and different stones, and get it shipped straight to your door within days.

Don’t just take our word for it

The Norrom Aquarium has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive comments and reviews from both industry experts and customers.
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Come and see it for yourself

The Norrom Aquarium is proudly on display and available to buy at the award-winning Charterhouse Aquatics in Central London, one of the UK’s leading aquatics stores.
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